When it comes to casino gaming, bonuses are like the icing we find on cakes. They always seem to catch our attention even when the cake fails to do that. In the casino industry, there has been a constant increase in the number of casinos, bonuses have become an incentive through which gamblers are drawn to their favourite site or to try new casino sites.

The BitStarz casino is a renowned casino company that has made its mark in the casino industry. From exciting bonuses to several games and many other improved areas, they have continually shown that they are good at what they do and also the best brand in the game.

Bonuses are available for every single player, and they differ in categories. These include matching casino bonuses, once a month bonus, high roller’s bonus, casino banking bonus, featured bonus, and many more. Information is definitely key to you winning, that is why at BitStarz we make it a point of duty to educate our customers.

BitStarz casino first deposit bonus is activated when a player makes a deposit. This deposit can be in dollars, bitcoin (BTC), or any other currency you would like to use. Here, they have improved their system to accept a wide range of currencies. For instance, at a minimum deposit, in cash or BTC players will be matched with huge bonuses.

That is not all for the first deposit bonus, and you’d also get free spins and a chance to play some popular games. Usually, the first set of free spins is allocated to you when you make that first deposit. Subsequently, there would be a release of the remaining spins till you get a completely free spin bonus. This is an incredible bonus, and there are quite a few casinos that can match this great work they do here at BitStarz.

As you proceed, other deposits – second deposit, third deposit, fourth deposit – would be made, which would unlock several other bonus packages that are incredible. However, be reminded that there is a minimum deposit that must be fulfilled before the preferred bonus would be unlocked.


With advances in technology, the casino business has taken a beautiful turn. From having players live in the casino arena to gamblers being able to play games from the comfort of their home, at any location on the globe.

BitStarz has a licensed company and has its software built by great tech companies like Microgaming, Amatic, NetEnt, and many others. Their online site can be accessed 24/7 to all players to try their luck either for free or for real money. Players can register online, which is a very straightforward process and takes just a couple of minutes.

This online casino is great for both beginners and seasoned players. Players can make use of credit card or bitcoin in carrying out transactions on the online platform. All rules are the same for the online platform. New players can still take part in the no deposit bonus, with an allocated number of free spins.

A player’s first casino online deposit unlocks an amazing bonus, which constitutes free spins and a bonus in euros or its equivalent in bitcoin. Comparing free spins, you’d see that the difference is clear. You should consider making a deposit today to enjoy more gaming opportunities and winnings.


If you surf the internet, you will come across many other casinos who claim to be the best. Interestingly, most of these casinos are following in BitStarz’s footsteps. One difference between those casinos and BitStarz is that they are confident of the fact that you would make real money, even though you are a new player.

Furthermore, at BitStarz they can offer you a bonus in bitcoin. Gamers who prefer converting their bonus to bitcoin are paid in bitcoin equivalent. For instance, when you make the first deposit, an amount in euros and free spins are unlocked. This money can be paid in bitcoin. Subsequently, each bonus can be allocated in bitcoin.

Your second deposit would trigger a casino bonus in BTC, and third deposit triggers a bonus of more BTC while at your fourth deposit, you would also trigger a bonus of BTC. BitStarz has also taken time to create an avenue for players to convert their bitcoin bonus to Euros once they have fulfilled the wagering requirement. One advantage of the bitcoin is that it protects players from the jurisdiction-imposed laws.


BitStarz offers you free spins without making any deposit. You can either make use of the free spins or the welcome packages to enjoy certain games. With these free spins, players can enjoy games like Wheel of Fortune, roulette, slots and many others.

At BitStarz, players can win more free spins and additional bonuses using the initial free spins you were given. These are the ways BitStarz keep their customers happy. In simple words, when a new player resisters on BitStarz casino, he’d get:

  1. No deposit free spins.
  2. Match bonus one the first deposit is made.
  3. Additional free spins with the match bonus.

In summary, BitStarz was launched by great minds who were casino enthusiasts. They understood the casino industry and launched it out to the world. Today, several changes are being made to the platform due to the changes going on globally. Bitcoin and other currencies are accepted and used to meet the wagering requirements.

BitStarz, strive to be the forerunner of great changes for their players who always to come back to have an incredible time. The customers are the top priority; hence they are bent on delivering excellent services like no other. Excellence is BitStarz drive, and they do not intend to lay back on previous success. The dynamism of the casino world keeps changing, and this casino is at the forefront of such positive changes. BitStarz will continue the good work they have done in the casino gaming world going forever.